Summer Intership Photo1 SmallEnjoying the misty waterfall in the caves of Mt Elgon, medicine one of our weekend trips for the ELSA program.

Summer Internships at Elewana

The Summer Internship Position is a leadership role position (much akin to a camp counselor) for our visiting school groups and participants in our ESLA program. Interns are expected to both lead and participate in every aspect of a visiting school’s itinerary. When schools are not present, sickness interns will be engaged in preparing for the next group and/or office and field work as needed.  

Minimum Academic Requirements:

Hours and Time Commitment:

?While visiting schools or groups are present (typically throughout most of June July, site and part of August) : Daily Hours: 7:30am (in time to help set up breakfast and wake up students) to 10:00 pm (at the close of vespers and any other nightly activity needed in preparation for the next day).

Note: While schools are present, Interns are expected to remain and participate with the groups at all times, including church services and weekend trips to parks. The only exception will be the safaris to the Masai Mara, which Interns are not expected to attend.

While Schools and/or groups are not present:

?Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm.
Interns are strongly urged to attend church if in Amagoro on a Sunday.

Summer Intership Photo2 SmallSummer Intern Wil Heflin watches the student debate at Moding High School.Specific duties and requirements:

While schools or groups are present:

While schools or groups are not present