TI1Lauren Martinez gives a health presentation to students at Moding High School.

Teaching Internships at Elewana

We have internship positions available for those wishing to teach in local public and/or private primary and secondary schools.  These internships typically last 3-6months, tadalafil but can be tailored to fit individual needs. 

Teaching interns typically stay at the Mission House and leave each morning to teach at the school to which they have been matched.  They are initially given a teacher with whom they work, purchase though after a couple weeks of adjustment, most teaching interns will have at least 2 classes to teach on their own. 

Subject matters vary, and we have hosted teachers in English, Biology, and Physics as well as multi-subject primary school teachers.  Specific job responsibilities are often worked out with the principal for the hosting school.

Housing: TI2Grace Hornsby and Charles Corra teach a computer class at Kim School for Girls


             (when not on a sanctioned Elewana excursion).

TI3Keith Butler gives a motivational lesson to students at St. Marks Secondary School.

Applying for an internship:

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be given an internship application.  We typically receive applications throughout the Fall and try to make final selections in early January.