How to Give

The Elewana Education Project aims to be as self-sustained as possible, pharmacy sourcing funding locally and through cross-cultural partnerships.  However, diagnosis raising funds locally can be a challenge and we are very grateful for the generous donations of our sponsers from around the world.

A donation to Elewana directly benefits our mission to empower Kenyan students through scholarships, drugs camps, ICT development, social programmes, and other activities that keep kids at school, out of trouble, and prepares them for broader educational opportunities in their future.

Additionally, funding goes to the development of scholastic resources at schools by building computer labs – often solar-powered – that allow secondary schools to have access to 21st century educational material.  To date, we have installed more than 30 computer labs in schools across western Kenya.

You may donate through our secure online PayPal or by sending a check directly to Elewana.

Checks should be written to "The Elewana Education Project" and sent to the address below.  Please indicate if you would like any special designation for your donation; designations can be for scholarships, computer equipment, school/sports supplies, solar equipment, etc.

Send all checks to:
    The Elewana Education Project
    P.O. Box 1734
    Shepherdstown, WV 25443

For additional questions, please contact: 304-579-7647

The Elewana Education Project is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

1) General Advice
2) Travel Agent Recommendation
3) Visa Information
4) Cash and Money
5) Phones
6) Medical Facilities
7) Food and Water
8) Gifts
9) Weather
10) Electricity
11) Computers & Internet
12) Kenyan Customs and Timekeeping
13) Appropriate Dress

General Advice

  • Grab a Kenya guide book: The Lonely Planet's 'Kenya', and Rough Guides 'Kenya' are both excellent and will answer many of your questions.  
  • Consult your doctor or find your local travel doctor/nurse/clinic, who can get you on track with any of the immunizations and medications you may need for your stay here. 
    • Note: appointments with travel clinics often need to be made far in advance.

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Travel Agents

We recommend:

Elyse Harvey Lawson
P.O. Box 724377
Atlanta, GA 31139
Phone: 770-436-1334 x 100
Fax: 770-928-2659 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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Visa Information

  • Get one by applying on-line at the Embassy of Kenya and following their directions (this involves sending your passport to Washington DC), or
  • Buy one once you get off the plane in Nairobi (very easy, though the line can be long).  
  • Expect to pay between $50 - $100 depending on the type of visa and the mood of the immigration agent.  Try to have 3 new $50 bills and save them for Kenyan and Ugandan visas.

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Cash and Money

  • Bring ATM Cards: make sure you call your bank and let them know you are traveling oversees.  
  • Have at least $100 in new bills for emergencies.  
  • Other than that, don't bring travelers checks or too much cash  

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  • It is cheap ($25 - $35), easy, and preferable to buy a phone in Kenya.  
  • All local plans are pre-paid, reasonably priced, and have excellent coverage, even for calling the US. (Students can share phones).
  • To dial internationally:
    • From Kenya to the USA:
      • Dial +1 and then the 10-digit number including area code.
        • e.g. +1-555-555-5555
        • + is usually dialed by pressing and holding the "0" key.
    • From the USA to Kenya:
      • Dial +254 and then the (usually) 9-digit number.
        • e.g. +254-XXXXXXXXX
        • + is usually dialed by pressing and holding the "0" key.
      • If on a landline (no + available), dial 011-254-XXXXXXXXX

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Medical Facilities

In case of a serious emergency, we use the referral hospital in Eldoret, about 2 hours away from Amagoro and one of the better hospitals in the country.  For most medical issues we use a small private Catholic Clinic in Bungoma, about 15 miles away.  The most common ailments are stomach issues, malaria, and typhoid, and it is therefore crucial that visitors take their malaria preventative.  

Unless in transit, you will be staying at the ACK (Anglican Church of Kenya) Diocesan Mission House in Amagoro.  Beds, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and mosquito nets are all provided.  The house has electricity (see below), running water, and internet.  The address is: 

The Elewana Project, Box 68, Amagoro, Kenya 50244

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Food and Water

While with us, visitors will be eating 3 meals a day of food primarily prepared at the Mission House.  Breakfast will consist of eggs, toast, cereal, bacon, fruit, juice, coffee and tea or some combination thereof.  Dinner will vary and include pasta dishes, fish, chicken (both roasted and stewed), beef (roasted and stewed), veggies and tons of fruit.  On a number of occasions, particularly for lunch, we will be eating local traditional fare provided by schools or churches.  This will consist of traditional boiled cornmeal (ugali), stewed chicken, greens, rice, and chapati (somewhere between a tortilla and a frisbee).  We work with dietary restrictions as best we can.  Visitors are welcome (and encouraged) to carry snacks with them, which may be purchased locally in town and at any of the markets we frequent.  We have plenty of safe drinking water available.  

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Small, school related gifts are best.  This would include pencils, pens, notebooks, stickers, school t-shrits, and sports balls and equipment (soccer and volleyball).  Please bring a gift for the Bishop and his wife as well as something for your host family (for the homestay/overnight).

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Hot and rainy at times.  Cooler in the mountains

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Kenya runs on a 220 volt electrical system with a British three-prong plug.  Most DC battery chargers (that are typically used to charge cameras, phones, computers, ipads, etc). can handle Kenya's 220 volt system without a problem.  The most you would need is the simple adapter which would allow the U.S. plug to fit into the three prong British style.  Check the back of any electrical equipment you are bringing - it will give you the range of volts it can handle. Most modern gadgets will say 100 - 240 volt.  That will work fine, as is, in Kenya.  Expect outages.

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Computers & Internet

  • You will be able to use cell-phones and computers on a limited basis while you are here (good to unplug).
  • We have wireless internet at the Mission House, though it is very inconsistent.

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Kenyan Customs and Timekeeping

Kenyans are very friendly and love to have visitors and are willing to overlook any socially awkward moments in the name of being a good host.  That said, just be prepared that everything happens at its own pace and at the appropriate time, which often has nothing to do with the stated start time.  

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Appropriate Dress

Men typically wear long pants, despite the heat.  Women, particularly in a village setting, keep their shoulders covered and wear longer skirts and dresses (below the knee), though slacks are also acceptable.

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Kenyan Donors From September 2013

1,Moding Retreat,"8,100",,
2,Amai Olubayi,"1,000",Teso North,
3,Justice Emukule,"40,000",Teso North,
4,Emma Etyang,"2,500",Teso North,
5,Azida Ali,"2,000",Busia,Director of Education - Busia
6,Motisha Women Group,"10,000",Teso North,Motisha Women Group
7,Felix Onyeit,300,Teso North,
8,Joyce Emukule,"10,000",Teso North,
9,Leornard A. Opollo,"1,000",,
10,Moses Aluku,"1,000",Teso North,
11,Nancy Oprong,500,Teso North,
12,Prof. Michael Omunyin,"10,000",Teso North,
13,Jerry L. Oprong,500,Teso North,
14,Peace Osangir,300,Teso North,
15,Philemon Imo,"5,000",Teso North,Businessman
16,Shem O. Ipomai,"1,000",,
17,Hon. Arthur Odera,"20,000",Teso North,M.P Will Top-up
18,Hon. Mary Amaase,"100,000",Teso south,M.P
19,Hon Moses Ote,"7,000",Teso North,County Rep.
20,Hon. Ismael Orodi,"4,000",Teso North,County Rep.
21,Busia Office,"5,000",Teso South,Minister of Agriculture
22,Board Members &,,,Elewana Board Members
23,Planning Committee,"50,000",,
24,Patricia Okiring,"7,000",Teso North,
25,Charles Malala,"2,500",Teso North,
26,Secretary- Women Rep.,"1,000",Busia,
27,Natalie,"5,000",Teso North,
28,Josphine,"1,000",Teso South,
29,Osili,500,Teso South,
30,Hon. Yaite,"2,000",Teso North,
31,Esau Kapule,"1,000",Teso North,
32,Alex Juma,"1,000",Teso North,
33,Midland Hotel,500,Teso North,
34,Greg Odeke,"20,000",Teso North,Minister of roads
35,Prof. Ipara,"7,000",Teso North,Kibabii
36,Kolany Boys,"10,000",Teso North,Principal
37,Kolanya Girls,"10,000",Teso North,Principal
38,Moding High,"5,500",Teso North,Principal
39,Katakwa,"5,000",Teso North,Principal
40,St. Thomas Amagoro,"5,000",Teso North,Principal
41,Aedomoru Secondary,"2,000",Teso North,Principal
42,St. Stephen Kengatuny,"2,500",Teso North,Principal
43,St. Peter's Kakemer,"3,000",Teso North,Principal
44,Chamasiri Secondary,"10,000",Teso North,Principal
45,St. Pauls Amukura,"5,000",Teso South,Principal
46,St. Mary's Amukura,"5,000",Teso South,Principal
47,St. Michael Apatit,"5,000",Teso South,Principal
48,St. Peter's Aterait,"5,000",Teso South,Principal
49,Ngelechom Pr. Sch.,"2,000",Teso South,
50,Amagoro Primary,"2,000",Teso North,Headteacher
51,Changara Primary,"2,000",Teso North,Headteacher
52,Achunet Primary,500,Teso North,Primary
53,Malaba Special School,500,Teso North,Special School
54,CBO Asit,"1,000",Teso North,
55,Susan Supermarket ,"5,000",Teso North,Amagoro Supermarket
56,Levy Emuruogat,"16,200",Odula,
57,Chief Onungura,500,Teso North,
58,Catherine Epusi,"1,500",Teso North,
59,Rebbeca Abwaku,"1,000",Teso North,
60,Phanice Asiyo,"1,500",Teso North,
61,Evans Ekwenye,"1,000",Teso North,
62,Hebert Odedera,"1,000",Teso North,Headteacher
63,Wicklff Oprong,"1,000",Teso North,
64,Babra Adema,"1,000",,Secretary
65,Isaac Amase,"1,000",Teso South,
66,Jedidah Omunyongori,700,Teso North,Alumni Group
67,Samson Osere,"2,200",Teso North,Alumni Group
68,Ruth Ochoko,"1,000",Mt. Elgon,Alumni Group
69,Leah Emoit,300,Teso North,Alumni Group
70,Sharon Akakoro,300,Teso North,Alumni Group
71,Esther Ikarot,"1,400",Teso North,Parent
72,Eunice Ongesa,"1,150",Teso North,Parent
73,Margret Amoit,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
74,Philis Arone,"2,500",Teso North,Parent
75,Jostine Achwala,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
76,Everlyne Idewa,"1,000",Teso South,Parent
77,Naman Emojong,"1,500",Mt. Elgon,Parent
78,Lonah Isogol,"1,500",Mt. Elgon,Parent
79,Rev. Syvester Lutta,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
80,Ferah Ingura,500,Teso North,Alumni Group
81,Samson Owino,950,Teso North,Alumni Group
82,Wilson Papai,800,Teso North,Alumni Group
83,Sammy Aunyasi,200,Teso North,Alumni Group
84,Dancun Omakada,"1,200",Mt. Elgon,Alumni Group
85,Perepeta Amoit,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
86,Rosemary Abuin,"1,750",Teso south,Parent
87,Zakayo Murunga,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
88,Judith Ekisa,"1,000",Teso South,Parent
89,Amos Isanyu,"1,300",Teso North,Parent
90,John Ikoche,"2,000",Teso North,Parent
91,Mellisa Toto,"1,200",Teso North,Parent
92,Franscica Etyang,"2,000",Teso South,Parent
93,Felix Etyang,"1,000",Teso North,Alumni Group
94,Silas Masaai,"1,700",Teso North,Parent
95,Petronilla Atyang,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
96,Fredrick Ishepai,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
97,Roshel Amukayo,"1,200",Teso North,Parent
98,Shadrack Amugu,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
99,Willy Atyakoro,"1,550",Teso South,Parent
100,Everlyne Maloba,"2,750",Butula,Parent
101,Rita Okadapa,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
102,Rose Ikunusai,"1,600",Teso North,Parent
103,Leah Odeke,"2,450",Teso North,Parent
104,Elizabeth Barasa,"1,250",Teso South,Parent
105,Phoebe Ikwap,"1,620",Teso North,Parent
106,Ablsolo Odour,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
107,James Okisai,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
108,Regina Akisa,"3,200",Teso North,Parent
109,Allan Opagala,"1,950",Teso North,Parent
110,Mary Ekodoi,800,Teso South,Parent
111,Wilberforce Etyang,"1,500",Teso South,Parent
112,Ezekiel O. Emoit,"1,850",Teso North,Parent
113,Marriam Ikabukunyo,"1,520",Teso North,Parent
114,Roshel Odoyo,700,Teso North,Parent
115,Lilian Murunga,"1,600",Teso North,Parent
116,Mary Imwene,"1,600",Teso North,Parent
117,Selina Etyang,"1,400",Teso North,Parent
118,Joseph Emukule,"2,850",Teso North,Parent
119,Gerald Achalai,"2,650",Teso North,Parent
120,Everlyne Odera,"1,300",Teso North,Parent
121,Emmanuel Barasa,"1,450",Teso North,Parent
122,Josphine Okomol,"1,320",Teso North,Parent
123,Moses Imwene,"2,000",Teso North,Parent
124,Risper omunyin,"1,900",Teso South,Paren
125,Mary Itoo,"1,000",Bungoma,Parent
126,Phanice Itaru,"1,900",Teso North,Parent
127,Julius Okuku,"3,000",Teso South,Parent
128,Lydia m. Okojo,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
129,Patrica Emaido,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
130,Ewin Opaa,800,Teso North,Alumni Group
131,St. Thomas TTC,"1,000",Teso North,College
132,James Alumela,"2,000",Teso North,Alumni Group
133,Sammy Aunyasi,500,Teso North,Alumni
134,Liona Viola,770,,Alumni Group
135,Deborah Isanyu,"1,200",Teso North,Parent
136,Zipporah Omunyongor,"1,400",Teso North,Parent
137,Maurisia Wesonga,"1,100",Teso South,Parent
138,Denise Oddis,"1,200",Teso South,Parent
139,Consolata Ajuma,"1,500",Teso South,Parent
140,Joshua Idewa,"2,000",Teso South,Parent
141,Jennifer Etyang,500,Teso North,Parent
142,Rev. Apollo Osukuku,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
143,Philis Otiti,700,Teso South,Parent
144,Truphena Muganda,"3,050",Teso North,Parent
145,Catherine Orone,"1,800",Cheptais,Parent
146,Lornal Sudi,150,Cheptais,Parent
147,Abuid Murunga,"2,350",Cheptais,Parent
148,Rose Okiring,500,Teso North,Parent
149,Mildred Omulama,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
150,Jackline Etyang,220,Teso North,Parent
151,Gladys Achalat,"1,600",Teso North,Parent
152,Brenda Emachar,"1,500",Bungoma,Parent
153,Phanice Nekesa,500,Teso North,Parent
154,Florence Itulia,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
155,Abel Echom,"1,800",Mt. Elgon,Parent
156,Maurice Okidapa,"1,400",Mt. Elgon,Parent
157,Frankline Ekirapa,"1,700",Teso North,Parent
158,Josphine Masangir,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
159,Rev. Gamaliel Itulo,"2,000",Teso North,Parent
160,Gladys Kavera,"1,500",Teso North,Parent
161,Isaiah Nafiki,"1,200",North,Parent
162,Modester Etyang,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
163,Abraham Kabyemet,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
164,Albert Otwane,500,Mt. Elgon,Parent
165,Francisca Ikapolok,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
166,Nelson Emoding,"1,000",Mt. Elgon,Parent
167,Lilian Kapkarich,"1,200",Cheptais,Alumni Group
168,Denise Masake,"1,000",Cheptais,Alumni Group
169,Maurine Akitwi,500,Teso North,Alumni Group
170,Rev. Amos Mukungu,"1,000",Teso North,Parent
171,Christine Temko,"2,000",Bungoma,Parent
171,Teso North,"307,140",Teso North,Total contribution
172,Teso South,"196,340",Teso south,Total Contribution
174,Bunyala,"11,000",Bunyala,Total Contribution
178,Odula Kubwa,"109,050",, 

ESLA 15-Day Itinerary

Day 1:Travel from the U.S. to Nairobi

Day 2:Arrive and overnight in Nairobi

Day 3:Travel to Elewana Program Site, discount Orientation, salve Village Tour

Day 4:Work at Partner School: Ice Breakers, patient Class Visits, Games

Day 5:Cultural Day with Skits, Music, Dance, Story Telling, etc.

Day 6:Service with students from Partner School 

Service Example: Computer lab skills and maintaining global connections.

Day 7: Overnight trip to local Game Reserve and National Park.

Day 8:Visit local Church with afternoon lunch; visit local national monument

Day 9:  School Service cont., visit to local open market trip, sports competitions 

Day 10: School wide debates, shared classes, and presentations

Students will stay with local host families.

Day 11:Awards, gift giving, final farewell.

Day 12:Travel to Masai Mara, begin Safari.

Day 13:Safari cont.

Day 14: Final Day of Safari, Shopping in Nairobi Masai Market, Final Dinner, Flight to U.S.

Day 15: Arrive Back in U.S.

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  • In Kenya: +254 712638948, +254 710 102 536
  • In Elewana Office Amagoro Kenya: +254 718011889
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