Elewana Alumni

The Elewana Alumni Association CBO was formed by the Elewana students who have benefited from Elewana scholarship. It comprises of all Elewana beneficiaries from the year the first bunch of students finished their secondary education.

The CBO was created to bring together all Elewana Alumni to share ideas and have benefits like;

Why Is Alumni Relations Important?

In the past, alumni relations, or engagement, tended to be treated as a stand-alone activity divorced from fundraising and other advancement activities. Indeed, some alumni associations were entirely independent of their parent institutions, and whilst their members interacted with each other, they had very little interaction with the institution.

Today, alumni relations is an important part of an in
stitution's advancement activities for many reasons:

Maintaining a positive relationship with your alumni means that the messages they share about your institution will also be positive – and current.


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