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The Elewana Education Project


We are a registered International NGO and non-profit corporation operating in Kenya and the U.S. devoted to the development of an educated and empowered population of Kenyan youth transforming their communities.



Elewana’s mission is to strengthen and expand educational opportunities for youth in Kenya. Elewana will achieve this through collaborative partnerships in Kenya and the US, sick the facilitation of scholarships to selected students, prostate and capacity development across the education sector to enable the youth become effective change agents in their communities. 






We shall be open and transparent in all our dealings and shall strictly abide by the values of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and there will be zero tolerance against improper conduct and activities.  

Team work

We shall focus on the value of team spirit to enhance trust and commitment; minimize conflicts to ensure full accountability as well as focus on results

Diversity/ Inclusion

We will embrace the differences in culture and backgrounds that all staff, board, partners and the community bring and hope that thsi will leverage our dynamic assets to drive success. We will also value an inclusive work environment where all stakeholders treat each other with respect


We are committed to delivering value for money for the benefit of the disadvantaged youth that we serve.  We want to be professional and will demand and deliver results as individuals and as an organization while at all times adhering to the highest ethical standards.  


We will advocate for the youth, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled christian adults.


EEP Strategic Issues

EEP has four key strategic issues including:


1 Scholarships Program

This is a bursary program that aims at providing school fees to needy but bright students. The program is currently funded through a community matching program. This program matches funds raised from local Kenyan communities with sponsors in US to offer scholarships to the talented students from challenging backgrounds.  


Improved literacy levels for bright students from needy backgrounds in Kenya


  1. To increase by 25% the number of students successfully completing secondary school through scholarships across Kenya by 2020
  2. To enhance community ownership of this program by mobilizing local resources within Kenya to fund at least 50% of the scholarship program by 2020


  • Number of students completing secondary school through this program
  • Number of schools enrolling students under this program
  • Amount of money going into the program
  • Number of local donors supporting the program
  • Number of international donors supporting the program

2 Academic and Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program

This program will support residential camps and training for youth and teachers focused on academic skills development, life skills(including soft skills as well as hard technical skills), entrepreneurial empowerment and improved teaching practices. The program also purposes to support schools through educational resource development like provision of computer and e-reader and mobile library srvices


Enhanced career pathways and improved enterprise development for the youth in Kenya



  1. To increase youth access and use of academic materials by building 10 mobile libraries and 30 e-reader libraries in Kenya by 2020
  2. To build the capacity of 1000 primary and secondary school teachers by improving teaching techniques so they can inturn improve academic performance and lifeskills of 2500 youths in Kenya through workshops and camps by 2020
  3. To diversify youth entrepreneurship base by improving entrepreneurial skills of 1500 less privileged youths through mentorship and coaching by 2020


  • Number of mobile libraries established
  • Number of e-reader libraries established
  • Number of students accessing the mobile libraries
  • Number of students accessing the e0reader libraries
  • Number of teachers reached (aggregated as primary and secondary school teachers)
  • Number of teaching teachniques used
  • Number of youth mentored and coached on entrepreneurship skills development
  • Types of business enterprises established
  • Number of businesses enterprises set up by the youth

3  Service and Leadership: US Partnership Program

Partnership and visitation for US based Schools and Churches focused on service training and community development


Improved livelihoods and heightened social responsibility in communities across Kenya


  1. To increase cross cultural collaborations by hosting at least 5 visits by Churches and Schools from the US per year
  2. To improve community development skills of the youth in Kenya through trainings and interatctions


  • Number of visits conducted
  • Number of visitors from the US visiting the local communities under this program
  • Number of youth enhancing their community development skills from this program
  • Number of youth led households whose lives is improving

4  Organisational Sustainability 

EEP will mobilize resources in order to enhance her ability of delivering on her mandate of supporting the youth.  This will require conscientious management of available resources and deliberate attraction of new funding opportunities.


A sustainable organization with improved and effective leadership, governance and management structure


  1. To develop the capacity of the organisation to meet the costs of her operations 
  2. To strengthen EEP’s leadership, governance and management structure


•Proportion of reserve funds to total program

•Number of funding streams by type 

•% increase in sources of unrestricted income 

•Number of funded programmes/ projects

•Number of farmers benefitting from the revolving fund

•Board manual developed

•Clearly defined policy documents signed off and adopted

•Management and staff adhering to the policies  

•Clear organogram in place

•Level of implementation of the 5 year strategic plan

•Well qualified staff recruited for all positions

•Functional board with clear roles, responsibilities, mandate and tenure

•Annual work plans for each staff 

•Staff salary and remuneration structure developed


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