Funding Needs

Why donate?
We rely entirely on voluntary donations from individuals, ampoule churches, diagnosis corporations, and foundations to make a lasting impact on the life on many young students.  As an organization that values community participation and partnerships, Elewena works diligently to combine foreign donations with funds raised locally from the local communities in which we work.  As a result, all of our programs are funded with a combination of local and foreign sourced funds.  The Elewana Education Project is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a registered non governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya.?Contributions to the Elewana Education Project are tax-deductible to the extent?permitted by law.  Below are descriptions of our top funding needs for 2014.  Please do not hesitate to contact Elewana directly for further information.  

Sponsor a Student through our Community Matching Program
Elewana education project has sponsored over 350 gifted and destitute students over last five years.  The cost for a high school scholarship amounts to 40,000KSH, the equivalent of $500.  Whereas Elewana has facilitated many high school students to the completion of their studies, due to limited number of scholarships, many gifted high school students drop out of school due to lack of fees.  Beginning in 2014, the Elewana Education Project will launch a matching high school and university scholarship program.  The matching system aims at mobilizing and engaging people from western Kenya to change the current education situation in the county and financially support a locally funded scholarship program.  The funds the community contributes will be matched on a 1:1 ratio with funds from sponsors in the US.  
Donate to the Elewana scholarship program. Every dollar donated with is matched by locally raised funds from the communities in which we work.  Sponsors from the US will be matched with a given student with whom they will communicate throughout the year.  40,000KSH/ $500 covers tuition fees, books and uniform for a year.

Community University Scholarship Fund
Elewana is launching a community university fund to cater for the many high school graduates who are not able to attend university due to financial constraints.  There is a growing need to fund college fees for students who have met the minimum university entry point but are unable to further their studies. A college/scholarship scholarship fund basically works like a micro-loan enterprise: Money is deposited (not donated) into a trust and the depositor is issued with a certificate of deposit.  From the deposits in that trust, the Fund Trustees (a committee of Elewana directors and community elders) administer loans through the bank at which the funds are held to university students.  Each loan recipient must seek a minimum of 4 co-signers to the loan and has 10 years in which to pay back the loan upon completion of their studies.  Student loans range from $300 to $1500 per year for four years.  Please consider a deposit ($100 minimum) to the University Scholarship Fund to further our student loan program.

Sponsor a single mother
Young single mothers are often forced to drop out of high school.  Being the breadwinners for their children, they discontinue with their studies to take care of their families.  However, due to Elewana’s Academic Camp Initiative, we have identified a number of bright young mothers who have both the willingness and ability to return to school and perform well.   A donation toward this program ensures single mothers can resume their education while their child received the necessary childcare.  Single Mother Scholarships are $500 (Ksh 40,000).  

ICT development
This program is aimed at helping secondary schools access 21st century educational material, particularly through the use of Information and Communications Technology as well as at improving computer literacy skills to students, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the community.  The Project has installed more than 30 computer labs in schools across western Kenya and has provided Internet access and training to students and teachers in those institutions.  In 2014, we are launching a pilot project involving e-reader tablets in an effort to improve English literacy and foster a culture of reading among students.  The estimated cost of an E-reader tablet is roughly $400.

Academic Camps
Elewana hosts six different one week camp sessions annually, each serving an average of 30 students.  The purpose of these camps is to strengthen the academic skills and performance of selected students. The camps cater for different categories of students: single mothers, Kenya Certificate of Secondary education (KCSE) candidates, boys and girls leadership, academic goals and career choices, and ICT peer educators.  Each camp costs roughly KSH 120,000 ($500) to run, inclusive of room, board, facilitators, and supplies and equipment.  Please consider funding one or more of our annual academic camps.  

Teacher Training
Each year we host a number of training workshops aimed at giving local teachers better tools (and the skills to use them) for the teaching of their subjects.  In 2014, we will be offering seminars in improved English teaching and the use of e-reader tablets in the class-room.  The English training program aims at equipping teachers with appropriate communication skills and online resources, enabling them to perform their jobs more efficiently.  Sponsor a teacher for the training at Ksh4000/ $50.

Vehicle Replacement.
Elewana currently owns four vehicles: two motorcycles for local field work (much easier to get up and down our local dirt roads on a bike that on four wheels:-), a four-wheel drive passenger van with seating for 10, and a four-wheel drive Land Cruiser with seating for 7.  We use both of these larger vehicles for moving visitors and staff around to our various functions and events.  The Land Cruiser is experiencing an increasing number of mechanical problems due to its age and general wear and tear, and it needs to be replaced in early 2104 to avoid the surmounting cost of its upkeep.  We are looking to trade the old one in and purchase a new(er) one that can keep up with our needs in the coming years.  We estimate the additional cost, after trading in the old one, to be about $20,000 (KSH 1,700,000).   Please donate to ensure that even in days of rough terrain, this noble work still continues.

Corporate and Foundation Partners
Partnerships are at the heart of Elewana Education Project’s work.  Elewana envisions a world in which the private sector plays a constructive role in finding durable solutions to improve performance and make education more affordable for gifted and destitute students.  To achieve this, we proactively engage with corporations and foundations eager to help drive change and fund these sorts of solutions.  Corporations are welcome to sponsor or donate to any of our programs.

Please see the additional information under the ‘How to Give’ article for further information on how to designate your gift.  Thanks so much!

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