2014 Trip Dates and Locations within Kenya

Trip 1:  June 8th to June 22nd    (Amagoro)            Trip 2:  June 14th to June 29th     (Eldoret)

Trip 3:  June 22nd to July 7th     (Amagoro)             Trip 4:  July 1st to 16th                  (Eldoret)

Trip 5:  July 10th to July 25th     (Amagoro)             Trip 6:  July 22nd to August 6th    (Eldoret)

Trip 7:  July 29th to August 12th  (Amagoro)

* Note: Dates are subject to change up to 3 days due to pricing and logistics.


The Logistics and Costs of ESLA:

Trip cost is $2500/person inclusive of all in-country expenses, including domestic flights, travel, room, board and weekend excursions.  Price does not include international travel which can be handled individually or through Elewana’s Travel Agent.   Average International Flight cost from the US is approx. $1800 r/t.  

Elewana staff are present to chaperone and lead all portions of the trip, including the international flights.

Participants will be emailed packing lists, pre-trip curriculum, and international traveling guidelines.