7.Peace Club Initiative

Peace Club Initiative


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 Peace club Booklet: Elewana/US Embassy Nairobi

sovaldi helvetica,sans-serif;">Every day and all over the world, young people engage in peace building––in big and small ways. While the mobilization of youth for violent causes, including the campaigns of ISIS, has captured headlines in recent months, young people in conflict zones around the world are building

bridges of dialogue and understanding across communities, working together, educating each other, and helping to manage conflict and promote peace.

Young people are vital stakeholders in conflict zones and in any peace building process – they have the potential to act as community leaders in peace building, reconciliation,and postconflict reconstruction.

This project therefore engages high school students from Busia County in peace building initiatives, countering violent and extremist influences and participating in democratic processes.

1.Problem Statement

From December 2007 to February 2008, Kenya experienced ethnic violence triggered by a disputed presidential election held on 27 December 2007. The conflict created mistrust and rifts between and within communities, which already knew substantial educational and economic disparities rooted in gender and caste-based discrimination. Youth (16 to 30 years old) were at the core of the conflict as the lack of employment and involvement in society created a situation where youth were easily recruited into the conflict.

To date, the Kenyan government has undertaken several reform efforts,
 including the adoption of a new constitution (2010), the formation of an Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), and various police and securitysector reforms. These reforms, however, largely neglected the youth at the heart of the post election violence. Realizing the paramount importance of including youth in peace building initiatives, the Kenyan civil society and NGO sector took up the taskof peace building among the youth to counter violence and include them in decision-making processes. Ideally, this process would start from the high school level. This project addresses the need for active participation of high school youththrough the formation of peace clubs across the region.

2.Project objectives


 The overall goal of this project is to engage high school students from Busia County in peace building initiatives, countering ethnic-based violence and participating in democratic processes. The project’s three main objectives are:

  1. To establish credible and replicable models for resolving ongoing
    ethnic and religious based conflicts and prevent the emergence and/or escalation of new conflicts
  2. To strengthen and promote dialogue & decision making among youth against human rights violations, including the various forms of discrimination and hate speech prevalent across the society.

  3. To support and promote at least 10 local youth-led projects for peace-building in conflict-affected areas and communities.

The Peace club Initiative was launched on 5th August 2016.









                           The Peace club Initiative is supported by the US Embassy Nairobi Office of cultural affairs 2016


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