Professional Development for Teachers

Through seminars and trainings held in Districts across Western Kenya, Elewana assists local teachers in becoming masters of their craft by first offering the needed resources for subject related improvement and then helping them present their subject material in a much more effective manner through pedagogical improvements to their classroom skills.  


Goals and Objectives

The Overall Goal of the Teacher’s Professional Development Workshop series is to measurably improve English and scores at the high school level through improved teaching tactics and classroom management strategies.  Our overall goal is broken down into four main objectives:

  1. Enhance creative and exciting subject based pedagogies for English secondary school teachers .
  2. Improve the English performance of 30-targeted schools on the Kenya certificate of Secondary Education by an average of 20% in three years.
  3. Improve the performance in other English based subject matters (science, math, history) of 30-targeted schools on the KCSE exam by an average of 10% in three years
  4. Hold 20 workshops for 600 high school teachers in Busia, Bungoma and Uasin Gishu counties 

A secondary, though perhaps no less important, goal of Program Series is to improve the average Kenyan student’s ability to think critically, overcome fear of failure, improve their use of social skills, and develop ethical values for a successful adult life.


The Kenyan secondary school system relies on a very robust even exhaustive curriculum comprised of 12 examinable subjects, each studied for four years and then examined at the end of the Form 4 (12th grade) year.  The vast majority of Kenyan students entered their Form 1 year (9th grade) with sub-standard English and likely attend low performing local high schools. Given the deficiencies of the students and the enormous material teachers are expected to cover most teachers opt for a straight lecture format in the hopes of ‘cramming’ as much information into the brains of their students as quickly as possible.  

While colleges and universities offering degrees in education (a requirement for high school teachers in Kenya) focus most of their efforts on mastery of the subject matter, very little effort is given in the instruction to teachers on the ‘art’ of teaching: i.e designing classroom and lesson experiences that are experiential and rooted in discovery and exploration.  This lack of awareness and appreciation for the ways in which human the brain learns and internalizes new ideas limits the efficacy of the teaching and learning experience.  The ‘straight lecture format’ leads to boredom in the classroom, limited student involvement, even less subject retention, and ultimately sub-standard performance on assessments.  

A great number of the obstacles to learning can be over come through the implementation and use of classroom strategies and tactics that are proven to engage students of different learning styles and abilities while making teaching (and learning) more exciting in the process.  The overall result is that students of all levels are more engaged in the classroom, retain a deeper more robust understanding of the subject matter and perform better on local and national assessments.  


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