Teenage Mothers Program

Elewana Teenage Mothers Program

This special program by Elewana was started to help bright girl students, sickness who have dropped out of school due to early pregnancy and parenthood. The girls are

given a second chance to study and complete high school. This helps the teen mom secure a better future for her and her baby. The girls are recruited per the subcounties and undergo a vetting excercise. Those who qualify are taken into a 2week camp with their babies. They are given guiding and councelling sessions in preparations to go back to high school.

The parents of the teen mom are brought into the program to help raise the baby while the girl will be studying. Parents have a part to play in raising part of their girls school fees too. Elewana provides a platform for the girls with the scholarship funds raised by well wishers and donations from organisations









Teen Mom Scholarship Benefits

Many of these mothers rarely finish high school and have no skills to help them in the workplace. Scholarships for teen moms are beneficial because they:

– Assist young mothers in need of furthering their education
– Relieves young moms of financial stresses linked to funding of higher education

– Motivate young mothers by offering not only funding, buy but assistance with childcare as well
– Help teen moms secure a better financial future for their families
– and more!

Elewana has helped take back to school 10 girls beginning the year 2016.